Eminem’s daughter Alaina Scott marries Matt Moeller

American hip-hop icon Eminem’s elder daughter Alaina Marie Scott has married longtime love, Matt Moeller. The Real Slim Shady is now the father-in-law of Matt Moeller, CEO & President of Divergent Alliance.
Alaina who announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend named Matt Moeller in December 2021, recently took to Instagram to officially announce the wedding and to share the news alongside a series of photos detailing the special day, that she and Matt have officially entered marital bliss, saying June 9, 2023, was “simply one of the best days of my life.”
Alaina’s Instagram post also includes artistic shots of Scott and Moeller kissing on a rooftop and then again in an elevator, hugging by a vintage car, flashing their wedding rings, sharing their first dance, and posing with their wedding bands and slow-dancing.
Marie Scott, the daughter of renowned rapper Eminem, was seen wearing a custom-made gown by Katerina Bocci. The groom was spotted in a classic white tuxedo jacket paired with a black bow tie.
The marriage took place on June 9 in Detroit, Michigan. Alaina wrote in the caption: “June 9, 2023, simply one of the best days of my life in this lifetime, and in the next, my soul will always find yours.”
Travel influencer Scott and Moeller have been in a relationship for more than seven years. The couple has attended music festivals together, traveled to Europe, and celebrated countless holidays.
Eminem otherwise known as Marshall Mathers adopted Scott more than 20 years ago. She was born to Dawn Scott, who died in 2016, and was the twin sister of the rapper’s ex-wife, Kim Scott Mathers.
Eminem took full custody of Alaina in 2004. He also adopted model Hailie Jade, 27, who was a bridesmaid at Alaina and Matt’s wedding, and TikTok star Stevie Laine, 21, in 2005.

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