Sam Hargrave's directorial bravado shines through in Extraction 2, elevating the film despite its forgettable story and characters.

Despite Chris Hemsworth's charisma and comedic timing in other roles, his stoic and humorless portrayal in Extraction 2 leaves an emotional void in the movie.

The film showcases stunning, inventive action sequences, particularly in a 20-minute single-shot prison escape and chase.

While initially thrilling, the extended action sequence eventually becomes tedious as the film prioritizes visual gimmicks over meaningful storytelling

The oner sequences in Extraction 2 fail to establish connections or thematic depth, leaving them neat but ultimately meaningless.

Hargrave's perverse imagination adds a touch of creativity to the film, transcending its generic story and characters.

Extraction 2 delivers creatively garish violence, featuring memorable kills and explosive moments that provide entertainment value

The film attempts to move audiences, focusing more on visual spectacle than genuine connection.