Disney Cancels Florida Campus, Hurting Economy: The planned billion-dollar corporate campus in Orlando, Florida, is scrapped, costing 2000 job

Florida Loses Disney's Massive Business Project: Disney's decision to cancel the construction of its Lake Campus deals a blow to Florida's economy 

Jobs Lost as Disney Abandons Florida Expansion: The cancellation of the billion-dollar project means 2000 high-paying jobs won't materialize 

Disney Pulls the Plug on Florida Campus: The proposed 1.8 million sq. ft. corporate campus, expected to redefine retail, is no longer happening

Feud Between Florida Governor and Disney Impacts Economy: Escalating tensions over an education law may have played a role in Disney's decision

Disney's Financial Troubles Lead to Restructuring: Declining stock prices and market cap prompt Disney to restructure and cancel ventures.

Governor Blamed for Loss of 2000 Jobs: Florida Governor DeSantis faces criticism for potentially causing the state to lose high-paying jobs 

California Wins as Disney Shifts Jobs: Jobs that would have been in Florida are now lost, possibly benefitting California's economy instead