Phoenix Suns eyeing unprecedented move for Bradley Beal amidst supermax contract and Wizards' rebuild.

Beal's trade value is uncertain due to his high salary and recent injury history, which raises questions about his fit as a second option on a championship-contending team.

"Suns' roster balance at stake in pursuit of Beal: Depth concerns loom with reliance on minimum contract veterans."

The potential trio of Beal, Devin Booker, and Kevin Durant relies on chemistry and effective ball-handling distribution.

Defensively, Booker and Beal would need to step up, as the Suns would require a 3-and-D wing to enhance their defensive capabilities.

Washington's proposal involves Chris Paul and Landry Shamet, but logistical challenges arise with Paul's salary and reluctance to join the Wizards

Ayton's inclusion in the trade aligns better with the Wizards' long-term rebuilding plans, potentially providing them with cap space to rebuild their roster.

Suns must weigh risks and rewards as acquiring Beal could surpass tax apron, triggering restrictions and penalties.