Helge B., who provided crucial information leading investigators to Christian Brueckner, has revealed chilling details about his conversations with the suspect.

Despite almost two decades of investigation by German, Portuguese, and UK authorities, little concrete evidence has been found in the case of the missing British toddler

As a key witness in the McCann case, Helge B. has been receiving protection from Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) for years.

Helge B. discovered videos depicting Brueckner sexually assaulting women in the suspect's apartment, leaving him stunned and unable to believe the extent of Brueckner's actions

During a conversation with Brueckner, Helge B. expressed his disbelief at how Madeleine McCann could disappear without a trace. In response, Brueckner chillingly stated, "She didn't even scream."

Helge B. suspects that Brueckner vanished the day after their conversation, possibly realizing his old acquaintance's suspicions

Helge B. reached out to Ldondon's Metropolitan Police multiple times but received no immediate response. It wasn't until 2018, when the German Federal Criminal Police needed witnesses for another case involving Brueckner 

Helge B. believes that Brueckner planned a break-in at the McCanns' vacation apartment but unexpectedly found the children asleep, leading to Madeleine's abduction.