Press Secretary Jean-Pierre violated the Hatch Act and received a warning.

Jean-Pierre's use of "MAGA Republicans" in a White House briefing violated the Hatch Act, according to Protect the Public's Trust.

 The complaint against Jean-Pierre accused her of advocating for the defeat of her political opponents and making derogatory remarks about Republicans.

 The Office of Special Counsel concluded that Jean-Pierre's remarks did violate the Hatch Act and decided to warning letter.

 The White House Counsel's Office, at the time, did not believe Jean-Pierre's remarks were prohibited by the Hatch Act, leading to the warning rather than immediate penalties.

The complaint was filed by Protect the Public's Trust, led by Michael Chamberlain, an appointee to the Education Department during the Trump administration.

 The Hatch Act prohibits covered employees from using their official authority or influence to interfere with or affect the result of an election.

The White House is reviewing its position on the term "MAGA Republicans" after Jean-Pierre's warning