Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have officially cleared out Frogmore Cottage, their former royal residence in the UK, as they cut ties with the country and relocate to California

The couple received Frogmore Cottage as a wedding present from Queen Elizabeth II in 2018 but have barely lived there over the past three years.

King Charles, Prince Harry's father, requested that the couple vacate the property promptly, leading to negotiations for an extended deadline after the Coronation

All of Harry and Meghan's remaining possessions at Frogmore Cottage were recently shipped to their California mansion, leaving them without a base in the UK.

With Frogmore Cottage no longer available to them, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may have to rely on hotels or stay with friends when they visit England.

There has been speculation that Prince Andrew, who currently resides in the Royal Lodge, might be asked to move into Frogmore Cottage as part of King Charles' plan to slim down the royal portfolio.

Royal commentator Tom Bower suggests that Frogmore Cottage would serve as a "cold shower" for Prince Andrew, indicating that he would need to adjust to a more modest lifestyle.

The move marks a significant step in Meghan and Harry's decision to distance themselves from the UK and establish their new lives in the United States.