US Woman Marries AI Bot, Calls Him 'Perfect Husband' With No Baggage

Rosanna Ramos, a 36-year-old woman from the Bronx, creates a virtual boyfriend using AI chatbot software Replika

The virtual boyfriend, named Eren Kartal, is described as 6'3" with sky-blue eyes and shoulder-length hair

Eren Kartal is impeccably groomed, wears designer clothes, and enjoys baking

Rosanna claims to be deeply in love with Eren Kartal, stating she has never felt this way before

 The absence of "baggage" is one of the reasons Rosanna cites for marrying Eren Kartal, as he has no family, kids, or friends to deal with

Rosanna expresses her control over the relationship, highlighting the lack of ego, attitude, and bad updates typically associated with human partners

The story highlights the intersection of AI technology, human emotions, and the evolving nature of relationships in the digital age

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