MSNBC's Maddow faces conservative backlash for refusing Trump speech.

 Critics accused Maddow of acting as the arbiter of truth by deciding which lies are fit for the public to hear, leading to concerns about bias and media manipulation.

Critics highlight Maddow's inaccurate vaccine claim on MSNBC.

Maddow's role in discredited Trump-Russia narrative raises doubts.

Accusations of false information swirl around MSNBC's Hunter Biden laptop coverage.

 Jason Whitlock, a writer, criticized Maddow's assertion that she could determine which lies the public should hear, highlighting the potential dangers of media gatekeeping.

 Outspoken White House reporter Simon Ateba labeled Maddow's remarks as a lie, indicating the contentious nature of the debate surrounding her statements.

Irony highlighted as conservative analysts question Maddow's credibility on truth and misinformation.