French billionaire diver, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, spent two decades working with the controversial salvage firm RMS Titanic Inc. to retrieve artifacts from the Titanic wreck site

Private ownership of historical artifacts debated as RMS Titanic Inc. claims salvor-in-possession rights to Titanic in 1986

The company collected over 5,000 artifacts from the ship, ranging from small items like shaving kits to large pieces like chandeliers

The legacy of Nargeolet and RMS Titanic Inc. highlights the ongoing debate surrounding grave tourism and the salvaging of shipwrecks

Bankruptcy filing puts Titanic artifact collection up for auction, museums' acquisition attempts unsuccessful

Critics question whether a private company should possess historical artifacts that are of public interest, while supporters argue that the collections aid education and preservation

Nargeolet defends salvage work: Artifacts contribute to education and preservation, backed by survivors