Here are ten outstanding public squares in cities across the United States

10. Black Lives Matter Plaza - Washington, DC

The section of 16th Street in Washington, D.C., known as Lafayette Square, has served as a historic gathering place in the nation's capital for many years. 

9. Wright Square - Savannah, GA 

Wright Square features a central monument honoring William Washington Gordon, the founder of the Central of Georgia Railroad. Additionally, 

8. Healdsburg Plaza - Healdsburg, CA 

Healdsburg Plaza, located in downtown, is centered around a charming gazebo surrounded by trees, benches, and turf. Spanning 1 acre, this square serves as a venue for various special events and live music performances held throughout the year. 

7. Fountain Square - Cincinnati, OH 

Fountain Square, located in downtown Cincinnati, is the central focal point of the city. It is highlighted by the iconic Tyler Davidson Fountain, which was dedicated in 1871. Visitors can enjoy a meal at one of the outdoor tables in the square.

6. Jackson Square - New Orleans, LA 

Jackson Square, located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, is an iconic and nationally recognized site. This 2.5-acre National Historic Landmark is a must-visit destination in the city. 

5. Campus Martius - Detroit, MI  

Campus Martius Park, the vibrant gathering place of Detroit, offers stunning skyline views and a variety of activities. Visitors can enjoy the Woodward Fountain, people-watching, and delicious meals from food trucks.

4. Rittenhouse Square - Philadelphia, PA 

This tree-filled square in Philadelphia is surrounded by renowned restaurants, upscale shopping, and luxury apartments, making it a prime destination in the city.

3. Santa Fe Plaza - Santa Fe, NM 

Santa Fe's plaza draws inspiration from traditional Spanish plazas and is a lively area encompassed by galleries, restaurants, bookshops, and boutiques. It is a vibrant destination in the city, offering a blend of art, cuisine, and shopping experiences. 

2. Decatur Square - Decatur, GA  

The vibrant pedestrian promenade, centered around the historic DeKalb County courthouse, spans 15 blocks and is adorned with leafy trees, period street lamps, and murals. It boasts over 85 shops and restaurants, creating a charming atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. 

1. Centerway Square - Corning, NY 

In 1989, the town of Corning underwent revitalization by transforming two blocks of streets into a pedestrian plaza. This brick-paved area includes a 50-foot clock tower, street lamps, and a covered stage for live events, creating a vibrant space for the community.